O'Falafel Etc.
Mediterranean Cuisine 


O'Falafel, Etc. is again voted "Best Falafel" by readers of City Weekly in their
Best of Utah 2013 survey.  "The falafel -- fried, subtly spiced, garlicky,
garbanzo-bean orbs with a crispy crust -- is indeed outstanding."
City Weekly, March 27, 2013

O'Falafel, Etc. is reviewed in "Our Lips Aren't Sealed: A Guide to the Secret
Menus of SLC" in City Weekly's October 25, 2012 edition.
City Weekly, October 25, 2012

O'Falafel, Etc. is voted "Best Falafel" by readers of City Weekly in their
Best of Utah 2012 survey.  "For authentic Middle Eastern flavors in a super-friendly
atmosphere, O'Falafel, Etc. is a no-brainer."
City Weekly, March 29, 2012

Urban Spoon lists O'Falafel, Etc. in the top ten "Cheap Eats" in Salt Lake City.
Urban Spoon Salt Lake City

"I've loved this Sugar House eatery since it opened in 2008.... I'd need another 1,000
words to do justice to the remaining three-quarters of the menu that I didn't cover here. 
So, I suggest you discover those dishes for yourself."
Ted Scheffler, Dine, City Weekly, April 28, 2011 

"I've been to O'Falafel twice now and love it! I can't wait to go back to try more things on the menu."

B, UrbanSpoon.com. September 23, 2010

"Your wallet will love O'Falafel as much as your belly does."

Amy Spencer, In This Week, December 31, 2009

"It’s homemade falafel in a warm, soft pita with yummy condiments. It’s big, too; it will fill you up. The pita is so good— soft, thick and warm."

"Everything comes together at this place for me.  I am obsessed with falafels and this place certainly delivers on the quality of the food." 

"After spending the morning in Khader’s kitchen, each item I tasted seemed to taste better than the last. The food was fabulous when I first tried it the day before, but after it had been imbued with the magic of its history and his stories, it seemed to sing."

"Everything on the menu is made fresh everyday, including stuffed grape leaves and yogurt cucumber mint salsa."

Krista Smith, Beyond Campus, October 21 2008

“We were thrilled that a new Middle Eastern restaurant opened within a reasonable lunch distance of the office and further thrilled at the modest prices and really good falafel, a dish that’s hard to find in Salt Lake.”

Salt Lake Magazine, October 11, 2008

“At $25 I had just eaten a $50 meal and I couldn't help but feel a bit guilty for it.  I'll be going back for my $5 falafel sandwich and stuffed grape leaves.  Not to mention the majadareh, and Middle Eastern quiche and ... well I think you get the idea.”

Ryan Michael Painter, In magazine, September 25, 2008

 "With a name like O'Falafel Etc., you'd expect the falafel to be good ...and they are."

Lesli J. Neilson, Salt Lake Tribune, August 22, 2008




790 E 2100 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84106
(801) 487-7747

Hours: Mon. - Sat., 10:30a.m. to 9:30 p.m.; Sun., 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.